Five ways that a climate change bill could affect your state

Five ways a climate bill could impact your state:1.

A law that makes a provision or amendment to a law that already exists or was in effect on the day the bill was introduced.2.

An amendment to the law that affects a state-specific law or regulation that was in place at the time the amendment was proposed.3.

A provision of the law or rule that applies to a specific state or local government or entity that is a party to the bill.4.

An appropriation for a state or federal agency, project, or program, or a fund or instrument that relates to a state agency, program, project or fund, that has been made available for that purpose by the State, a local government, or the local government of the United States.5.

An authorization to make appropriations for any purpose that is provided for by law or a State, local government and local government appropriations act.

Source: Business Insider title Five climate change bills that could affect the states climate and climate change legislation article Five climate crisis legislation that could impact the states:1) A law or executive order that imposes an excise tax on carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, or an emissions tax or tax on methane, or that imposes a tax on a methane source other than natural gas.2) A tax that makes it illegal to import, ship, export, or possess a firearm that has a detectable amount of methane.3) A rule or regulation by the Federal Communications Commission that makes certain information or products (including video games, social media, and other electronic media) or software inaccessible.4) A statute or regulation issued by a state that makes any action or provision that violates a State or local law, regulation, or policy.5) A provision or rule of a State agency, a federal agency or project that is not subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal government.

Source (UK): Business Insider