How Neveni Djisic is going to be the new leader of the country

Nevenis Djisics legislative power will come from the National Legislative Assembly, which will convene at the end of February.

Nevenias cabinet will also come from this body.

He will be elected by a popular vote, and will serve out his term in office until a new election is held.

That election will be called by parliament.

Nevenis will be the first new head of state since Djisica became the new republic’s head of government in 2009.

Neveveni has previously served as prime minister of Croatia, but was re-elected in November, 2012.

A parliamentary system Nevens predecessor, Vojislav Konrad Djisovic, was the first to have a cabinet with its own Speaker, and to have an election to choose its leader.

In the mid-2000s, Konrad replaced Djisicas cabinet, and the new system came into effect in January 2011.

He then took office as head of the newly-formed European Commission.

The current government, led by Nevenius, will be his fourth.

The new parliament has no representation from the centre-left opposition.

It has four MPs, all from the left.

The country is currently governed by a coalition government of the main parties.

It will be up to the newly elected parliament to choose a new leader.

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This is the first time the country has hosted the competition since 2005, when it was held in the capital of Serbia.