How the UK will vote on the UK’s Brexit deal

Business Insider UK is preparing for a crucial vote on Wednesday to decide whether the UK should remain in the EU single market and the customs union.

With a vote in Parliament scheduled for 2:30pm GMT (4:30am UK time), the vote is likely to come down to the votes of the House of Commons, the Senate and the House and Senate committees, and the support of the Scottish Parliament.

There are five major issues on which the Government will try to win over the British public: whether it should retain the rights and obligations of EU citizens in the UK and whether it wants to negotiate a new trade deal with the bloc.

It is also expected that a vote will be held in the Senate to decide if the UK can keep its existing membership of the EU.

If Parliament approves the Brexit deal, Britain will leave the European Union and leave the customs bloc.

It would also leave the single market.

While some Brexit supporters are pushing for a “no deal” Brexit, the Government is not pushing that hard.

Prime Minister Theresa May has said that a “meaningful and orderly” Brexit would be the “most practical” for Britain.

“The Government will seek to ensure that the right deal is agreed by the people of the United Kingdom,” a spokesperson for the Prime Minister said.

However, in a press conference on Tuesday, she said she was not “prepared to speculate” about the outcome of the vote.

The Scottish Government is also holding an extraordinary session of its parliament on Wednesday, which will decide whether Scotland should remain a member of the UK or not.