How to fight the Senate’s filibuster on healthcare reform

GEORGIA’S legislative session has just begun, but some of the bills that lawmakers will be debating this year have already been pushed through the state legislature.

The Georgia legislature will be dealing with the Georgia Medical Marijuana Act, the Marijuana Control Act, and the Georgia Consumer Credit Reform Act.

The bills will likely be the subject of a filibuster, as they do not require approval from both chambers.

Senate Minority Leader Paul Davis said this week that he wants the Senate to pass these bills.

“If we don’t get it done, it will be too late,” Davis told WSB-TV.

The legislation was introduced in 2017 and was referred to the Judiciary Committee by the Georgia House.

The bill would allow businesses in Georgia to grow and sell cannabis, and allow patients to use the drug to treat their epilepsy and other medical conditions.

The legislation is being introduced to change the state’s medical marijuana laws to make the plant legal for medical use.

Georgia’s legislature will debate the legislation next week, and Davis said he wants a vote on it by the end of next week.

The bill would go before the Senate next week and the House on Jan. 6.

“The bill is an important piece of the puzzle to get us on the right track and get Georgia on the path to having a fully regulated market for marijuana,” Davis said.

A federal judge has denied a request from the state to lift the deadline for the state medical marijuana bill.