How to Find a Legislative Director at a Job Search Agency

As an executive recruiter, it can be tough to find the right candidate for the job.

The average salary for a legislative director at a recruiting agency is $174,000 a year.

The paychecks are in addition to the salary the agency receives from the state.

Here are the top five paychecks that a legislative assistant receives for each of the five jobs listed in this article.

Legislative Assistant Job Description Salary Legislative Assistant – State of Arizona Legislative Assistant State of the State of California State of Colorado State of Florida State of Georgia State of Hawaii State of Iowa State of Kentucky State of Louisiana State of Maryland State of Michigan State of Minnesota State of Missouri State of Montana State of Nebraska State of New Hampshire State of North Carolina State of Nevada State of Oregon State of Rhode Island State of Vermont State of Washington State of Wisconsin Legislative Assistant $174K Legislative Assistant Salary Legislative Assistants are key staff for legislators, including Senate and Assembly members, to ensure the government remains open and functional.

As legislative assistants, they are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of state government.

Legislative Assistant salaries start at $75,000 per year and increase by an average of $11,000 each year for each additional five years of experience.

Legislative assistants may also have access to perks like travel, company stocks, and other benefits.

Legislative Associate Salary Legislative assistant salaries start from $70,000 and increase $7,000 for each five years the employee has been in the job and are not subject to the annual state cap.

State legislators, state senators, and state representatives have the highest salaries.

Legislative assistant jobs can also be found in various fields, including real estate, business management, and human resources.

Legislative Liaison Salary Legislative Liaisons are state employees who serve as a liaison between lawmakers and their political allies, ensuring the legislature is well-informed about local, state, and federal policy issues.

They also work to inform legislators about the legislative agenda and to help legislators make decisions that are in the best interest of their constituents.

Legislative staff salaries range from $50,000 to $115,000, depending on the area of the state and the level of expertise and experience of the staff member.

Legislative Council Salary Legislative Council salaries range between $100,000 – $175,000 depending on a number of factors including experience, education, and experience with the legislative process.

Legislative council staff includes members of the legislative committee and the executive branch, including legislative secretaries and deputy secretaries.

Legislative Executive Salary Legislative Executive salaries start in the $75k range and can be as high as $200,000.

This position includes legislative assistants and senior staff members, but does not include legislators.

Legislative executive salaries range in salary between $75K – $125K depending on experience, experience with local politics, and geographic location.

Legislative Office Salary Legislative offices can be filled through a combination of recruiting and a hiring process.

In some states, a lobbyist is paid to represent clients, while in other states, it is the governor or a legislative member who makes the hiring decisions.

Salary ranges range from the $65k – $130k for legislative office employees, depending upon the state where the office is located.

Legislative employees in California have the most powerful position at the state level.

Legislative office employees are typically paid $120,000 annually to serve as legislators.

The salary can be paid directly to legislators or to their staff.

Legislative Secretary Salary Legislative secretaries have the power to make and enforce laws in the legislative chambers, but they also have a number other duties.

For example, they can assist in drafting legislation, approve a bill, and conduct investigations into potential violations of the law.

Legislative secretary salaries range across the board, ranging from $55,000-$110,000 in salary, depending how many years the job is held.

They may also receive perks like access to private meetings, access to the executive offices, and travel.

Legislative Clerk Salary Legislative clerks are the state employees tasked with administering laws and administering elections in the state of California.

They are typically elected in 2018 by the Legislature and can also work for the Governor and the Legislature in the Assembly.

Legislative clerks typically receive a base salary of $80,000 but can be awarded additional compensation depending on their level of experience and experience in the field.

Legislative clerk salaries start out at $90,000 with an average salary of more than $125,000 yearly.

Legislative offices in Florida are one of the most prestigious offices in the United States.

A legislative clerk in Florida will receive $175K annually, while a legislative clerk from New York City can earn as much as $160,000 or more.

Legislative Officer Salary Legislative officers in New York are appointed by the Governor, but are also in charge of the executive office of the Governor.

Legislative officers are paid an average annual salary of between $65,000-90,001.

Legislative members in Washington, D.C. are also appointed by Governor Jay Inslee and