How to Get Your Legislative Information System Right

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says he will be “making some decisions” about whether to remove a rule that would require senators to submit a copy of their voting record to the FEC each time they file a legislative proposal. 

The rule was put in place in response to a series of high-profile voter fraud cases in which states accused of disenfranchising minority voters were found to have committed voter fraud, often in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The Senate Rules Committee on Monday unanimously approved the rule, which was brought to McConnell’s attention after complaints from several Democratic senators that they were being singled out in the filing process.

“We’ve seen this with the [Voting Rights Act], and we’re going to be making some decisions about whether or not we want to go forward with that,” McConnell said Monday on MSNBC. 

“We’re going forward with it, we’re not going to go back and make sure that that is implemented in a way that doesn’t jeopardize the integrity of the voting process.” 

McConnell has said that the new rule will help restore the voting rights of the people who have suffered voter fraud in recent years, and he said the Senate would be “reviewing the situation” with the FEC as soon as possible. 

He said that “it’s not just about the integrity, it’s about fairness, it is about making sure that the American people who are voting are treated fairly.”

“The goal of the rule is to protect the integrity and the integrity is not only for people who voted and didn’t vote, it also is for people that have not voted in the past,” McConnell told reporters. 

But in a letter to the House Rules Committee, a coalition of four Democratic senators said that they have received no evidence of any instances of voter fraud or abuse in recent voting. 

While some states have taken steps to prevent election fraud, the Democrats pointed out that the GOP-controlled House had approved the RNC’s plan to remove the requirement that the states submit the voting record. 

McNongal said that he had not spoken to House Speaker Paul Ryan about the rule change.