How to stop Trump’s plan to ban transgender people from serving in the military

From The Hill: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Sunday said transgender people should not be allowed to serve in the US military because it is discriminatory against them.

“I believe in freedom and equality,” the California Democrat said during a televised town hall with reporters at the Capitol.

“The military is not a military of the people, it is a military for the people.”

Pelosi said she does not believe that a transgender person should be allowed into the military, adding, “We need to make sure that the military doesn’t discriminate against people.”

“Transgender people who have served in the United States military are among the bravest and most professional of our military,” she added.

The former House speaker also defended the current policy on transgender people serving in US military, arguing that it does not discriminate against them and should be left up to the military to decide.

“As a former congressman, I know that the president is committed to making sure that we have the most diverse military in the world,” Pelosi said.

“That means that our soldiers, our sailors, our airmen, our Marines, our Coast Guard and our Army need to be fully inclusive of all Americans.”