Idaho’s congressional districts are so heavily Republican, a Democrat wants to make them redder

A state legislator wants to redraw congressional districts so Republicans can win the statehouse in 2018.

The legislative redistricting commission is holding a hearing Wednesday on a bill by state Sen. Steve Hansen (R) that would redraw districts so that Democrats can control the statehouses in 2018 and hold the governor’s mansion in 2022.

Democrats have pushed for legislative districts to be redrawn for a decade, and Hansen says Republicans have made a concerted effort to redrew districts and districts that lean more Republican.

The commission is studying the proposed map that Hansen introduced in the 2017 legislative session and has since been working with the state’s nonpartisan redistricting board.

Hansen says the bill will change the state constitution so that legislative districts are redrawn based on the number of seats Democrats hold in the legislature.

The current state constitution does not require such a redistricting plan.

The bill has been approved by the commission, which will make a recommendation to the Legislature in 2019.

The Legislature is expected to approve the proposal next year.

The legislature, which is expected next year to take up the legislation, has not yet taken up the bill.