‘I’m just a woman, but this bill is a victory for women everywhere’: Women on the frontline of climate change bill

A woman who was diagnosed with cancer has said her climate change activism helped her fight the disease.

In a Facebook post, Kate, a campaigner and environmental justice activist, described her cancer as “the greatest obstacle to my life”.

“I’ve been working for over a decade on climate justice and human rights, and the fact that I have been diagnosed with lung cancer is the most powerful thing I’ve ever been through,” she said.

“I’m still fighting, and will continue to fight, for climate justice in the years ahead.”

Ms Kate said she was inspired by a post from a fellow campaigner on Facebook.

“You just read that and you’re like, I feel so brave.

I’m a woman.

I can do anything.

You can do whatever you want.

I’ve done this for over 10 years,” she wrote.”

I feel like, oh, that’s the way it is. “

I’ve never felt so confident about anything I’ve been involved in.

I feel like, oh, that’s the way it is.

I mean, you are my hero.”‘

I don’t have the right to fight back’As a woman campaigning on climate change, Kate is fighting for a change in Australia’s legislation that would allow women to sue their employers for damages caused by climate change.

Ms Kate’s cancer was diagnosed in March, but she told ABC News she had only recently begun chemotherapy.

“When I went into the hospital for chemo, it was a total shock because I knew that I was getting worse.

I had to get up, but I didn’t have time to take my medication.”

So when they told me I was going into chemo that night, I was like, ‘I don.t have the rights to fight,’ because I don’t believe I have the ability to fight this,” she told the ABC.”

It was a complete shock for me.

I don.’t have a right to do that.

I was shocked, but also hopeful.

I didn.t know if I could do it.

“Kate said she wanted to “start from the ground up” to bring change to the Australian workplace.”

There are women working in the industry that are being harassed.

There are women who are being paid less because of the climate change agenda, which is absolutely horrific,” she added.”

And there are other women who need to be protected.

“Ms Kenney said she believed Ms Kate was being attacked for being a woman in a climate change position.”

Kate is just an example of the very, very important role that women have in the climate movement,” she explained.”

They’re working in different fields, they’re working alongside men and they’re all really supportive of each other, and so it’s really important that they’re treated fairly and in equal terms.

“She’s the type of person who can do it all.”