New Jersey Senate passes $100M stimulus bill, $200M in grants to state, tax breaks for private companies

New Jersey’s Senate on Thursday passed $100 million in stimulus spending, including $100 for New Jersey residents, $20 million in tax breaks to private companies and $200 million in grants for the state.

The spending will help New Jersey combat the state’s long-term fiscal crisis, including from its large opioid addiction crisis.

 “These are critical investments in our state’s economic future that will create jobs, create growth and create new jobs for our citizens and businesses across the state,” said Senator Tom Kean, a Democrat from Newark.

New Jersey’s economy has been on the decline for decades.

It has lost $7 billion since 2007.

The state has lost almost $3 billion since 2011.

The stimulus measure will go to Governor Chris Christie, who is running for re-election in 2018.

“I think there’s been some momentum going on in terms of people being able to find new jobs,” said Kean.

“We need to keep it up and we need to make sure we keep the momentum going.”

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