Senate votes to override governor’s veto of Waukesha legislative districts

Waukegan, Wisconsin – The Senate on Wednesday voted 50-47 to override Gov.

Scott Walker’s veto over a proposed legislative district map, the first time a Republican governor has vetoed a Wisconsin legislative district since 1949.

The legislation was sponsored by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, D-Waukesa, and Sen. Dan Schoen, D – Milwaukee, who was the lone Democrat to vote against it.

Vos had asked the Senate to vote on the measure in advance of a Wednesday morning deadline.

“This legislation is about the people of Wausau, not a political agenda,” Vos said.

“The people of the state of Wisconsin deserve to be represented in their own elected officials.”

The measure would have allowed the Assembly to elect its own five-member redistricting committee, which would then create a new state legislative district.

That committee would then be able to draw new boundaries.

It also would have expanded the use of electronic voting machines to vote by mail, making it easier for voters to cast their ballots.

“Our goal is to give all Wisconsinans the opportunity to vote their conscience, and to do that, we want to ensure that Wisconsin is the best place to do so,” VOS said.

The bill would also have prohibited the Assembly from changing a proposed Wisconsin Supreme Court decision to strike down the state’s voter ID law.

The legislation passed with a 60-39 vote and now moves to the Senate, where Democrats have said they will introduce a separate bill to override the governor’s signature.

The proposal was first proposed in 2017 by Republican Assembly Majority Leader Dan Maffei, R-Wis.

The measure died in the Assembly after a series of votes, with one chamber rejecting it and the other chamber rejecting the measure.

Republican lawmakers in the Senate have also voted to override a proposed map that would have split the state into two legislative districts.

The Assembly will vote again on the bill on Wednesday morning.