Trump, Ryan agree on tax reform bill but dispute details in key details

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan agreed on Wednesday to work out a tax reform package by Friday.

Trump said Thursday he wanted a deal by the end of the month, and that the GOP will not rush it.

Trump was expected to release a detailed plan Thursday, but Ryan has said he wants the plan to be unveiled by Friday or Saturday.

Trump and Ryan were scheduled to meet at Trump Tower Thursday night, with Trump saying the meeting was a “good chance to make a deal.”

Aides said the two sides discussed the details of the bill and the economy and that Trump was optimistic the deal would be approved.

“This is not a deal, and it is not going to be done this week, and I want it done in a very short time period,” Ryan told reporters Thursday.

“It’s a matter of doing what is right and righting this nation and putting people back to work and putting this country back on the path to prosperity.”

Democrats, who control the House and Senate, are expected to demand a deal be passed on Friday to fund government through mid-December.

“Today’s meeting demonstrates the American people’s willingness to work together to achieve bipartisan consensus to improve the lives of hard-working families across the country,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

House Republicans have been working for weeks to get a tax overhaul package passed, and they have not been able to get all of their demands met.

Democrats want a big tax cut for the wealthy, more spending cuts, an extension of unemployment insurance and more targeted cuts to Social Security and Medicare.