When is the next Georgia legislative session?

Georgia lawmakers are expected to hold a special session this week, after the state Supreme Court ruled that a law that requires a doctor to report if a patient suffers from a mental illness was unconstitutional.

Lawmakers are likely to consider several different proposals during the special session, including proposals to repeal the law.

Some bills already passed through the state’s lower chamber, but the state House has yet to take up any of them.

Georgia state lawmakers will have until Thursday to decide whether to take action on the legislation.

The state Supreme Judicial Court ruled in a lawsuit filed by a mother of a man with severe mental illness that the law violates her right to privacy and does not meet the standards of a medical emergency.

The court said that the state should repeal the bill, and that it could take up the issue in the state Senate, the lower chamber of the Georgia General Assembly.

The ruling came after the justices ruled that the bill was unconstitutional, which means it is not subject to judicial review.

The Georgia Legislature is currently in recess.

A special session was set for Tuesday.

A bill to repeal a law prohibiting people from providing abortions in the name of a mental health condition was introduced by Republican State Rep. James H. Bowers and passed in the House on Wednesday, but failed to advance through the House Rules Committee.

The bill had been scheduled to go to the Senate for consideration.

But after a legislative committee on Tuesday, it was sent to the state Rules Committee for review, which was postponed until Friday.

State House Speaker Nancy Ritchie, R-Biloxi, announced the postponement on Twitter.

The Supreme Court has said the bill violates the Georgia Constitution, which states that the legislature “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”