Which legislators have the biggest legislative budget gap?

7 Jan, 2018 16:25:21 When it comes to legislative budget gaps, legislators are a small subset of the population, so it is important to consider their impact on the budget and on the state.

For that reason, we looked at the size of the legislative budget in New Jersey as well as its overall size and scope in the other states and territories.

The budget of New Jersey’s state legislature is $8.4 billion.

In contrast, the budget of its territorial legislature is about $6.3 billion, a smaller budget than in the New York legislature.

New Jersey has an average annual budget of about $12.6 billion, while its territories average annual spending is about a quarter of that amount, about $3.5 billion.

This means that a $1 billion budget deficit for New Jersey would have a $8 billion effect on the annual budget and the total state budget.

The New York state legislature has a budget of $7.2 billion.

The total state’s annual budget is $7,955 billion.

New York also has the largest number of state lawmakers, with 17, which is the highest of any state.

The state’s average legislative salary is $160,000, while the average salary for its members is $143,000.

New Yorkers average a $25,000 salary in the House, and a $75,000 median salary in their Senate.

New England has the highest number of legislators with 12, followed by Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts.

In Connecticut, the average annual salary is only $57,000 and the median salary is about the same, at $52,000 per member.

Vermont has the lowest number of lawmakers with five, with two members representing the Assembly and two representing the Senate.

Connecticut has the fewest total legislators with eight.

The most populous state, New York, has 14,734 members.

There are more than 10 million people living in New York State, and its total population is about 1.4 million people.

New Mexico is the largest state in the Union, with 1.8 million people, and the state’s overall population is 1.2 million.

There is about one-fourth of a million people who live in New Mexico, making it the most populous and populous state in America.

Its population is more than a quarter the size that New York’s is.

New Hampshire is a state with about 575,400 people, the third largest population in the country behind California and Texas.

Its average annual legislative salary of $64,000 is the fifth highest in the nation, behind Texas, New Mexico and California.

New Mexicans average a salary of about 50,000 dollars per member, while New York City residents average a median salary of nearly $100,000 a member.

New Haven has about 3,100,600 residents, and it is home to about 1,700,000 people.

There have been about 2.7 million New Haven residents in the past year, and more than 3.6 million residents are registered to vote.

There were about 2,300 registered New Haven voters in 2017, which was the third-highest voter turnout in the state, behind California, Texas and New Mexico.

There was an average of 6,400 registered voters in New Hampshire in 2016.

In New Jersey, New Jersey is the only state that does not have a congressional delegation, and that’s why it’s a big part of the story.

New Zealand has a legislative budget of almost $817 billion.

While the size is small, it is significant because it represents about one fifth of the country’s total budget.

Its total state and territorial budget is about half of New York territory’s budget.

New South Wales is the smallest state, with an average legislative pay of about 2 cents per dollar of gross domestic product.

Its overall budget is less than $400 million, but it’s still the fourth largest state and the fifth largest territory in the union.

The median pay in New South Wagga is about 75 cents per year.

New Virgin Islands is the state with the highest total population of about 8,300,000 residents, followed with Washington, D.C. and Guam.

The states average annual state salary is approximately $65,000; its average annual population is $65 million.

Guam has a salary average of about 47 cents per hour, and Washington, which has a population of less than 8,000 has a median annual salary of roughly $33,000 annually.

New Orleans has about 1 million residents, about 1 percent of the U.S. population, and there are about 1 billion people in the United States.

The average annual salaries in Louisiana are about $47,000 for state legislators, $55,000 in state senators, and about $60,000 statewide.

New Belgium is the second smallest state in Europe, with about 3.5 million people in a population size of just under 500,000 according to the latest