Which members of Congress will be on the Hill this week?

The House will vote on the Antitrust Legislation that will force companies to disclose the exact amount of money they’re spending on lobbying.

The Senate will take up legislation to make it easier for regulators to order internet service providers to block access to websites they suspect of being pirate sites.

House Democrats will also vote on a bill to require the Environmental Protection Agency to review greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants and other sources of greenhouse gas.

The Republican-controlled House has passed similar legislation.

Senate Republicans are expected to vote on another bill on Monday that would allow states to allow insurers to offer low-cost plans in the Obamacare exchanges.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will also consider another measure that would require drugmakers to disclose their price increases and the cost of their drugs, and the Senate Finance Committee will take another measure to allow the National Labor Relations Board to enforce anti-union laws.

The Judiciary Committee vote on Monday is expected to pass.

The House Judiciary Committee is expected next week to consider a bill that would block the president from implementing a rule mandating that every state report how much it spends on lobbying, a move that could be a blow to President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Democrats in the House are expected next Tuesday to consider another anti-lobbying bill, which would make it a federal crime for a federal agency to use its position to influence a political campaign.