Which presidential powers are still in limbo?

Axios is reporting that the Trump administration is trying to figure out which presidential powers it can and cannot enforce against states.

The states have been using federal powers to fight back against Trump’s executive orders, and Trump has said that they are a threat to national security.

However, the Trump White House has not yet made clear what those powers are.

The Washington Post reports that Trump is also considering issuing a sweeping executive order that would grant him broad powers to use federal law to enforce immigration laws.

The Post says that this executive order would also give him broad power to suspend federal laws and make federal judges unfit to hear cases that involve the states.

This could be used to overturn laws passed by the states, according to the Post.

The Trump administration has not been clear on what powers these executive orders would give Trump, and whether the president could invoke them in federal courts.

What you need to know about the Trump-Russia investigation:What to know:Trump has called for a probe into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia, which may or may not involve the Trump team.

He has also said that he would “like to get to the bottom of this very very important story,” but has said he doesn’t know if the investigation is a real investigation.

Trump has also called for an investigation into the Clinton Foundation, which he has claimed could be linked to Russian money.

The foundation is a charity that was started in 1999 by Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

The president has denied having a personal relationship with the foundation.

Trump administration officials have also said the administration will continue to investigate Trump’s campaign and his associates for potential collusion with Russia.